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Company Overview 

Flora Green Fields Co. L.L. C. (FGFLLC) was incepted in the UAE in 1987, Our core business activities are the supply and maintenance of Indoor and Outdoor plants, landscape design, estimation and maintenance and general irrigation works

We are the main plant maintenance contractor to many prestigious government institutions, banks, hotels, offices, and residential properties. All of our plants are put through an internal Quality Assurance (QA) test, prior to delivery to our customers.

Our design philosophy is to provide a healthy, comfortable, beautiful and sustainable environment. Our work is inspired by unique customer-driven designs that are not only beautiful but also efficient. We give priority to the use of natural resources, owing to their ingrained depth and enduring qualities.

Landscaping is both a science and an art, and requires good observation and design skills. Flora Green Fields understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly.

We are a company totally dedicated to environmental ethos, and shall ensure the continuation of a safe, clean and healthy ecosystem. We also have solid business processes that are geared towards a greener environment.

Vision & Mission 


"To become a market leader in indoor/outdoor plant maintenance and landscape services by provision of quality products and pursuing excellent customer services while embracing environmental ethos that guarantee a safe, clean and healthy ecosystem in the UAE".


"To delight our customers by offering tailor made solutions to meet their interior and exterior landscaping needs through an efficiently managed business that contributes towards a greener environment."

Towards a Greener Environment 

Our entire operations deal with the provision and maintenance of plants which directly impact the environment. We will assist our customers in choosing the right indoor/outdoor plants and the corresponding planters

All our products come from suppliers who are committed to environmental safety. There is a greater need for Human beings to take care of the environment especially Plants. We have the responsibilities to ensure that our earth is environmentally healthy for our next generations and also for the entire ecosystem

Plants play a crucial role in this aspect whether they are indoor or outdoor. Some of these benefits are highlighted below:

  • Plants capture and eliminate dust particles from the air.
  • Plants capture and eliminate toxic substances from the air and also release Oxygen and eliminate carbon Dioxide.
  • Plants regulate Humidity of their surroundings. This is vital, considering the massive use of Air-Conditioning in "sealed Buildings".
  • Plants in buildings create environmental awareness to our customers and the general public.

From the global point of view, earth can be considered as a living being (Gaia theory, Lovelock). The plants are its lungs as they release oxygen and eliminate co2. If this would not occur the animal’s life process would exhaust oxygen and life on earth would not be possible

Each plant, whether in exterior or interior surroundings creates a micro climate around itself, and thanks to its transpiration, contributes to the humidity regulations of its surrounding

Human beings and plants need each other. Why then should we not take care of plants in the right way?

Our Valued Customers 

  • Our customers are the driving force that influence our corporate objectives. We provide them with the best possible services and solicit feedback to continuously improve our performance.
  • We have a solid relationship with our suppliers and this guarantees a constant and reliable supply of products and services to our valued customers throughout the year.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated team of Landscape Engineers, Landscape Designers, Agricultural Engineers, Administrators, Supervisors and Gardeners to cater to the needs of our valued customers.

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